HOPe Movement (2017-2020)

What is HOPe Movement?

HOPE is a Civil Society Movement to protest the apathy of the Government of Nepal and International Community towards the plight of people living in the high-mountain terrains of Nepal because of lack of development and Climate Change.

HOPe Campaign (99 Days: 15 January- 24 April 2017) is a part of the HOPe movement. It is a 99-day long Youth led Campaign that aims to get the Great Himalaya Trails declared by the Government of Nepal as a Climate Adaptation Landscape and a National Pride Project. The campaign was created by youth based on conversations during a debrief meeting from the "It's Happening Here & Now" Climate Justice protests of International Mountain Day, December 10th and 11th 2016. Youth involved in these single day events declared more needed to be done, beyond raising awareness of climate change. They banded together, creating the HOPE campaign to make lasting change which addresses climate injustice in Nepal and mountain communities needs.

The movement may design and run other campaigns in future with specific goals.

Why HOPe Movement?

A.HOPe for the attention and constructive actions of the Government of Nepal

HOPe is a must for the people living in Nepal Mountains. They are left to live in a state of hopelessness by their own government. Their own government has been giving them a step-motherly treatment. Mountain People rank low in almost all Human Development Indices compared to rest of Nepal. There are 21 National Pride Projects run by the Government of Nepal- not a single one targeted specifically to the mountain development.

B.HOPe for the attention and constructive actions of the Global Community

People living in Nepal mountain are suffering from Climate Change possibly more than any community anywhere in the world. The sad part is that the mountain people have almost no role in the Green House Emission- the prime reason of Climate Change. Thiers is clear case of Climate Injustice. And yet, they have not been receiving attention and support of the international community to the extent they truly deserve.

What are the HOPe Campaign demands?

  1. The Great Himalayan Trail declared as National Pride Project
  2. The Great Himalayan Trail declared as Priority Climate Adaptation Landscape of Nepal in the developing NAP (National Adaptation Plan)
  3. Ministry of Environment to be provided with the Pollution Tax collected by the government (50 paisa on every liter of Petrol/Diesel sold) for monitoring and improving the deteriorating urban and rural environmental situation including implementing the Plastic Bag ban order of the government, bringing more polluters (particularly those involved in food packaging) under polluter pay principle, minimizing air pollution and solid waste, and helping Climate Change adaptation work.


Why GHT as a National Pride Project: The Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) is the geographical area where most of the mountain community of Nepal live and earn their livelihood. It comprises all significant mountain trails (also called trekking trails by tourists) of Nepal. While the Government of Nepal is increasingly getting engaged in road construction and other infrastructures in urban and semi-urban areas of Nepal, the country’s Himalayan hinterlands are completely forgotten- and so forgotten are the people living there. Declaring the Great Himalaya Trail as a National Pride Project would mean due resources and priority is given in constructing and maintaining it. This would also mean that GHT is saved from haphazard and unsustainable activities that sound like development in the first instance but do a long-term damage to the society and ecology. This would also mean that GHT has its Tourism and Ecological Practice Standards. GHT just does not bring Tourism Revenue to the mountain people, it literally is the lifeline of the mountain economy for a whole host of reasons. A contiguous and functioning GHT from one corner to the other corner of Nepal would connect the mountain people with each other.

Why GHT as a Climate Adaptation Landscape: The Great Himalayan Trails are literally the frontlines of Climate Battle in the Himalayas. The average temperature increase in the Himalayas are many times over that of rest of the world. The weathers are becoming even more erratic and unpredictable- and the lives of nature dependent mountain people even more vulnerable every passing day. Nepal’s Himalayas provide water to hundreds of millions of people living on the flanks of and in lower riparian countries on both its sides. Among them are some of the world’s fastest growing economies. The people in the Himalayas are stewards of Himalayas and the ecological services it provides to hundreds of millions of people downstream. The Himalayas are Global heritage. Declaring GHT as a Climate Adaptation Landscape shall bring global resources and expertise to help conserve the Himalayas- not just for the people living there but for the entire world. Much of GHT is already conserved by Nepal Government as National Parks, Conservation Areas and Hunting Reserve. The Climate Adaptation landscape would bring the residual areas under a responsible governance regime of the government. This would also help the Central Government of Nepal enforce uniform Standards across GHT (in the context of GHT falling under 5 Federal Provinces under Nepal’s new system of governance)- thereby safeguarding the touristic and ecological values of Nepal’s most premium tourism product. Long Distance Tourism is coming for attack by Climate Activists for being bad for Climate Change as they involve big GHG Emissions (Air Travel and all). GHT Climate Adaptation Landscape will be a great response to such concerns, demonstrating that tourism can instead help fight Climate Change. 


Who is running the HOPe Campaign?

  1. HOPe Movement and Campaign is led and run by the youth of Nepal with the blessings and guidance of the seniors working in related field for a long time.
  2. The campaign is housed at Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC)- a not for profit organization having representation of community leaders from across Nepal’s Himalayas. The campaign is provided technical support by Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI)- a not for profit organization promoting sustainability and inclusion.
  3. The campaign is supported by many organizations- government, private and civil society.

Why 99 days for the campaign?

It’s been five years since the legendary Apa Sherpa (World Record 21 times to Mount Everest) and Dawa Steven Sherpa (A Climate Change Activist and Tourism Entrepreneur) walked the entire length of the Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) in 99 days, asking the government of Nepal and the international community to pay attention to the development need of the mountain people- particularly in the wake of their dire developmental needs and climate change. Not much happened in the interim. The HOPe campaign intends to complete the unfinished business of the brave activists who walked the GHT for 99 days. 

What are the immediate actions of the HOPe campaign?

  1. 99 days of Youth led public campaigning involving peaceful street protests, flash mobs, debates, discussions and discourses
  2. 99 parliamentarians pledge their support for the campaign
  3. 9 major political parties pledge their support for the campaign
  4. 99 public personalities (actors, singers, journalists, entrepreneurs) pledge their support
  5. 99,999 common people sign the pledge asking for the action of government and international community
  6. On 100th day, the campaigners will present all the pledges to Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal and the Country Director of United Nations

It is expected that by the end of the Campaign, the Government of Nepal would have agreed to the demands of the youth campaigners.

How can you help?

  1. If you are a Government Organization, you may consider to be our partner to help us logistically for arranging our peaceful debates and discourses.
  2. If you are an International Development Organization, I/NGO, you may like to support us in technically and financially in our campaign.
  3. If you are a Private Company, you may like to support us financially.
  4. If you are a college/ educational institution, you may like to help us meet your senior students, and use your premises for our peaceful debates and discourses.
  5. If you are a youth, you may sign the pledge join us as a volunteer to get others sign the pledge and help us conduct other activities.

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