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Langtang survivors camp out at Swoyambhu

Earthquake and Avalanche devastated Langtang village beyond recognition on April 25 killing at least 175 local residents as well as 120 tourists and their porters. Four hundred and eighty eight survivors are camping in the premises of Yellow Gumba monastery near Namgyal Chowk in Swoyambhu.

Climate Alliance for Himalayan Communities (CAHC) provided some relief resources (cooking gas and fruits) to the twin disaster (Earthquake and Avalanche) survivors. “Resources that can be stored for a longer period of time have been available to them while other resources which decay easily (vegetables, fruits) are still limited. Women are wearing woolen clothes in this hot scorching weather as they use to wear in the frozen weather at Langtang. Survivors are taking shelter in less than 50 cramped tents inside the compound of the monastery. This is making them desperate to move back to their homes” shares a National Volunteer and lead of Hamri Bahini- the green angels, Shishila Acharya.

As an immediate approach, National Volunteers are now planning to provide Temporary Learning Centre, counsel the survivors on sanitation and hygiene.

Acharya also adds, “Children will be engaged in the learning activities by sending them to the nearby schools at Swoyambhu as soon as the schools start operating while a group of male survivors will be sent back to the village after few months for agronomy purpose.”


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