Our Story

We, the communities in Nepal’s Himalayas, continue to be deprived of modern day development. We’ve been suffering since ages. Fortunately, many people in the world, many institutions too, provide funds and technical assistance to improve our lives. We remain thankful to them.

Yet, the trouble is, that most of the resources the world provides in the name of mountain people is collected and spent without the knowledge of mountain communities. And therefore these scarce resources get spent on unproductive and superficial activities that barely touch our problems.

Climate Change is aggravating our problems even further. We the Himalayan communities are threatened many times more than the rest of the world. Our brothers and sisters have no option but to live under constant dangers of getting buried under millions of tons of debris and water-in-the-glacial-lakes sitting atop adjacent mountains. The Himalayas are one of the most earthquake prone zones in the world.

We are doing all that is in our command. Yet, our ancestral knowledge and antiquated tools are insufficient to handle the Climate Change triggered problems. Our economic development in climate-smart ways is the only way for us to get out of this unending darkness. The help of the wider world is a ‘must’ for us to achieve this.

We, the Himalayan Communities have grown tired of being represented nationally, regionally and internationally by everyone except us. We are capable of representing ourselves at any forum, and talk about our problems and likely solutions ourselves.

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